Breckenridge elopement

Katelyn + Robert’s Breckenridge Hiking Elopement

Katelyn and Robert got ready at their airbnb on the outskirts of Breckenridge, and shared their first look outside of the airbnb before driving up to the trailhead together. From there we hiked one of my favorite trails in the area for their Breckenridge elopement.

“When it came to our elopement we knew we wanted the best photographer we could find. We searched for months different states, different photographers and not one besides Nina made us actually pull the trigger. We had no intentions of picking Colorado (my husband and I had never even been there) but when we stumbled upon Nina’s work we knew there was the photographer for us! Telling her that we want snow capped mountains but never hiked a mountain or been higher than 4,000 feet, Nina was an expert when it came down to what we could handle and what we should do leading up to our travels (hydration, what to pack, what to wear, everything.) She helped us find an airbnb, florals, hair and make up, activities while we were there. She’s a true expert and such a wonderful person! 11/10! Amazing work and extremely helpful!”

Katelyn & Robert


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