A Florist’s Guide to Elopement Flowers

May 29, 2019

I personally don’t know a thing about elopement flowers (other than how to photograph them). That’s why I teamed up with Rachel Hunter from A Florae for this post, so that you can learn everything you need to know about getting the best florals for your big day! Rachel owns a boutique flower shop in Longmont, Colorado, and she has over fifteen years of experience in floral design!

a florae Longmont Colorado wedding florist and elopement flowers

Q: How early should couples book their wedding florist?

A: It’s best if they get to a florist at least 6 months before their wedding. A year would be best. Florists are getting booked further in advance than they used to, so our calendar fills up faster now. Although we do have the ability still to help last minute weddings if we aren’t overbooked. We can always take on small weddings meant for a pick up if we are booked as well. But booking in advance creates the ease and less stress in getting the florist that you want!

Q: What should couples ask potential florists to make sure they’re a good fit?

We always talk about natural style and what is important to them in our consultations. This is for me to gauge what attracts them and how best to give the feel of the couple’s style throughout the wedding venue. They can ask to see pictures, and in our studio you can see a bunch of containers and props that we use. We also have many different arches. So ask yourself what excites you to have on your wedding day, and ask the florists if they can provide toward those things first. Then you can talk about how they would go about designing for you.

a florae elopement and wedding florist in Longmont Colorado

Q: How much should couples budget for elopement flowers?

Elopement bouquets usually range between $195-225. This is normal pricing for us in full service weddings, but it stays the same with elopements because we cannot order flowers by the stem, only by the bunch. So when we’re deciding the types of flowers put into the bouquet, we have to determine how many stems that will take and buy the bunches accordingly. We typically have to order more than we need to make one bouquet. Most of our elopement couples spend around $300 or less for a bouquet and boutonniere.

Note from Nina: there’s nothing saying you can’t go extravagant on your elopement flowers too. Rachel has a great Pinterest board with floral arch inspiration that would take any ceremony to the next level. When you’re not spending money on table centerpieces and decorating a full venue, you can have more fun with the ceremony flowers!

A florae wedding florist making an elopement bouquet

Q: How can couples keep their flowers fresh if they have to pick up the day before?

To keep your florals fresh, you would want to always keep them in a cool space but not freezing. Not colder than 40 degrees and not hotter than 70 degrees. Never leave them outside or in direct sunlight, or near a heater. Whatever you can fit into a refrigerator, do that. It’s the same temperature as a flower cooler usually, or at least very close to that. Change the water the next day and pluck off anything that you think might be getting too soft. Flowers have no problem lasting 24+ hours if taken proper care of. Never lay the bouquet down to get smashed or forget about it if you take it out of water for anything. If the bouquet is out of water more than 5 minutes, you will want to recut the stems and place in fresh water.

Q: What else do you want couples to know so they can get the best elopement flowers?

Coming to a consultation with pictures as inspiration is very helpful. This helps gather the type of colors and style that attract you and peak your interest. From there we discuss what is important to you and the feeling you want your pictures to feel like. I ask many questions to gather ideas and create an overall look and proposal. We always use flowers in season and I will always mention the types of flowers that we plan to use. Giving a florist freedom to some degree in their designs for you is huge. We will always pick what is best for the overall look and if we see something in the market the day we pick up the flowers then we will replace what we might have mentioned using because we know the other option will be even better. We do stay very close in line to what we write up for you, however. Especially when it comes to sticking to the color palette.

a florae Longmont wedding florist, guide to elopement flowers

Huge thanks to Rachel for taking the time to explain everything I never knew about elopement flowers! Check out more of a florae’s bridal bouquets here, and give them a follow on Instagram!