1. Thank you for sharing this information! I had my photos stolen from this company, too. People deserve to know that this company is scamming people.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Nina—I also had photos stolen by this business and they are also shooting illegally in National Parks without the proper permits—putting couples at risk to get fined and have their wedding day ruined. DO NOT HIRE ELOPIFY!

    1. It’s so gross on so many levels. They’re really just taking advantage of couples on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.

    2. Elopify tried to hire me, and I can confirm they have no experience. Their messages were insane, I couldn’t believe it.

  3. I am also an elopement photographer who was impacted by this! They stole photos right off of one of my blog posts and used it to advertise weddings at that location.

    After going through their website, I recognized many of their images that were taken by other photographers. Even down to stealing self portraits of photographers who work in the industry! Don’t book Elopify, as it’s a scam! Companies like this set a bad example for photographers who do business properly.

    1. I’m so sorry you had your photos stolen too Paige! I can’t believe they thought they would get away with this and no one would notice.

  4. OMG! I’ so sorry to all the photographer affected bu this SCAM! We work so hard to build our portfolios and provide our couples with unique experiences! DO NOT HIRE ELOPIFY! They should close their doors for good if they have any decency left. Thank you Nina for bringing this to the attention of so many!

  5. Thanks for putting this warning out, it is so heartbreaking to see someone so fraudulent entering the elopement space! This article is awesome 🙌🏼

  6. Looks like I’m one of many here, but also just wanted to say that they stole photos from me as well, and then took zero responsibility for it in their response.

  7. Great awareness you are putting out there! Thanks for the wonderful info!!! Sad these places not only STEAL FROM OUR COMMUNITY- but are breaking rules in the places they are having elopements- this shit will eventually RUIN IT for those of us following the rules 😢

  8. this company also stole my images and sent back the same bogus email response claiming it was an innocent mistake. that’s absolute nonsense as anyone who works in the industry knows – especially for an organization claiming to have planned numerous beautiful elopements for their own clients. then why don’t they feature those pictures if that’s the case? i hope they get fully shut down after pulling this scam.

  9. When I saw this companys “portfolio” I immediately saw red flags. First of all images I knew personally as a photographer in the area was a colleagues but 2 their images were a huge range of editing and different styles. And they had been added in chunks as if they had pulled all the images at once and didn’t even bother to stagger them. Completely different images were on their instagram that were clearly travel influencers or groups of the same persons travel photos. Most weren’t even wedding but staged proposals or overly photoshopped famous travel locations like Cappadocia In addition, after calling out the company for their practices their instagram page disappeared. I wouldnt be surprised if they changed names and rebranded.

  10. Thank you so much for putting this warning out! And I’m sorry to all those affected! As an elopement photog myself who really cares about client experience and the land we photograph on, this is a great warning for any couples. Thank you!

  11. Preach it! If it’s too good to be true, then it is. This company is shady AF. Stealing other photographers photos is shameful and they knew exactly what they were doing. Do not choose Elopify for your wedding day. They are scam artists!

  12. Thank you for sharing. As a bride who used Larsen photo co I would be beyond livid if a company used photos of my private day on a National website without my permission!! How disgusting.

    It’s one thing for my photographer who I know and trust to have her portfolio but it’s a violation of a deeply personal event to post photos of someone’s elopement without their permission. Especially because most people seeing elopements may not want all of the attention of a big wedding. Thank you for sharing.

    And agree those Google reviews are fake af. How does one get 100 5-star reviews in essentially a 3 week window? Not honestly.

  13. I’ve seen at least TWO of my photos so far! This is a preposterous tactic and this “company” should apologize to all of us whose had to learn vicariously that their own photo were pirated, and face penalties! #madface

  14. I was just texted from one of their planners to photograph a wedding for them for $200. I laughed so hard and then I decided to look them up on the web which is how I found my way here. Their website is down now, thankfully.

  15. Thank you for posting! Here is my review on elopify
    While Caroline is a delight to work with it, the whole process was stressful. We paid over 3k plus on a basic package having to tip not only the company (which was NOT disclosed Upon signing with them which was range from $400-$1000 at which you had NO CHOICE not to tip) but also tip the officiant and the photographer. We originally had picked somewhere in Estes park and multiple times asked about permits we needed and multiple times were told we didn’t need anything. Only after talking to our second photographer where we told that Eloplify was booking illegal weddings in the park, it’s a national Park so yes you do need a permit to get married there. It was not a pleasant call to get a week before we get married that our photographer was reporting elopify for illegal activity and refusing to be our photographer. We then had to frantically search for a new location a week before we were getting married. Luckily we didn’t have any guests there, it was just the two of us because we would’ve had to send out or text out a new location to all of our wedding guests. We eventually had to choose garden of the god so I didn’t get my winter location like I wanted but instead a desert looking area while it was 75+ degrees and I was sweating the whole time because I got a long sleeve dress because I was getting married up in the mountains with the snow. We went though 2 photographers before having to settling on the 3rd because we were a week before the wedding. Our photographer was a landscape, nature photographer not a wedding photographer. Our pictures are unsatisfactory. Half of the picture I got from my photographer my eyes or husbands were closed and the pictures were so dark that I couldn’t even edit myself to make them brighter or she put some weird spot light on us so we are lit up and the rest of picture is dark. The quality of the pictures are so poor that when I got them professionally printed they came out blurry. I tried to edit them myself at least make them brighter so you could see any sort of color in the picture, didn’t work. I probably got 48 pictures out of the 75 high quality pictures that I was promised because the other one she sent we had either stupid expressions on our faces, picture was so poor quality or eyes were closed. Almost every picture she took she took from a ground level so all of our wedding pictures we have double chins from having to look down at her. To make it over 75 pictures she sent a ton on this weird monotones/black and white color. Now onto the officiant, as soon as we said I do and we can kiss each other she started asking us questions about how much we paid elpofity and how she was not paid enough and how “she charged us 1980 prices” (exact quote) so she basically guilted us into giving her a tip because she did not get paid enough. The photographer said she was only paid $125 out of the 3k we paid eloptify, so where did all our money go to?! Because it obviously did not go to paying the people we needed there. I will not recommend this company to anybody looking for an elopement planner. If you want to elope just have your location in mind have a family friend, or family member go online to become an officiant and pay a for a good photographer. The photography was the most important thing for me to get out of the experience besides marrying my husband and I did not get the pictures that I always dreamed of having for generations to see. By doing this you will pay the exact same amount that you will pay this company.

    1. Oh my gosh Mikayla, I’m so sorry you had such a poor experience with them! Thank you for taking the time to share your review — hopefully it’ll help other couples avoid the same problems in the future.

  16. I’m scared that this is happening to my fiancé and me. We bookeda destination elopement in Puerto Rico with a company called Eloply, and some of the things mentioned here sound similar to what we are experiencing. I will be devastated if we end up being scammed, especially when we have people coming.

    1. Eloply is using the exact same website design/template as what Elopify used to, so I suspect that it’s the same company under a new name. I hope all works out well for you!

    2. I “reserved” eloply for their services for $249 for my wedding in Puerto Rico and the woman sent me a pic of a beach in San Juan but would not give me the exact address. After a few times, she finally gave me a screenshot of a map and after I searched for it on Google earth, it was a nasty ghetto beach part of San Juan. After a few back and forths, and never being able to get locations, I asked for a refund. That was a month ago and I still have not received it. I am on the phone with the bank right now trying to get my money back.

      Cancel whatever you have planned with them and get your money back!!!

  17. They’ve been on our radar for some time as well. HALF of their images are from Simply Eloped ceremonies (ceremonies we’ve performed and published).

    1. That’s unfortunately not surprising. They did take down all my photos after I emailed their “legal department” a cease and desist letter, so I’d recommend doing the same. Not sure how to stop them from stealing more photos from others in the future, but at least this post seems to be helping people.

  18. They are also under the following sites:


    Just got scammed big time by them (non-refundable 800 deposit). I blame myself for not doing enough research. If anyone has any recommendations on how to get their money back, please let me know. lol. My husband and I really calling it a wash and moving on; however, there are NOT enough reviews on this scam organization.

    1. I’m so sorry they got you, too! They usually have an email address for their “legal department” listed in the Terms & Services page on their websites, linked from the footer. They even have a Refunds section in there. I would try contacting that email to demand a refund, and refer back to their own T&S. You might want to include that you know they are the same company as all these others scams—it could help you get the refund if they know you’re “onto them,” and not just asking for a refund because you changed your mind. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing their new links/names!

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