“There are photographers, and then there are photographers. Nina is the best we have ever met. When my fiancée (now wife) and I went to elope in Colorado, there were a good amount of excellent photographers to look at, but Nina stood out the most. She didn’t just take our photos, but planned out the entire day as well. When hiccups occurred (it’s a wedding, these will always happen), she didn’t just have back up plans, but back ups to those back ups. Any time we had to make a change to our plans, she had three more ready to go.

Then there are the photos. They are beautiful. And not heavily edited. In fact, if someone wants heavy editing done to all of their pictures, then maybe Nina isn’t for you. She (and we) prefers to keep them as natural as possible.

In the end, Nina went above and beyond with our special day. Over the course of the day we were not just out with a photographer. It felt like being out with a friend, who just so happens to be taking your picture too. We would 100% recommend her.”

Hannah & Roni

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