Destination Elopement Photography

If you found this page looking for destination elopement photography, and you’re thinking about breaking away from traditional wedding planning to elope and exchange your vows in an epic location, I truly believe you’re onto something magical. More and more couples are choosing destination elopements as a way to create a wedding day that feels authentic to their love for travel and adventure. And as a bonus, destination elopements can be much more affordable than planning a reception for 200 people!

Destination elopement photography is my very favorite kind of work, because traveling has always been a huge part of my life. In the nine years since I boarded a flight from Norway to Denver with no return ticket, I have road-tripped all over the United States, spent months at a time exploring Europe, and traveled back to Norway often enough to know the Icelandair in-flight announcements by heart. I am especially confident in my knowledge of Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, but I will gladly travel anywhere in the world with you!

As a Norwegian citizen and U.S. permanent resident, I am legally allowed to work in all of the EU and EEA countries, and of course the U.S. as well. If you are getting married in a different location, I will get a work visa so that you don’t have to worry about your photographer being stopped at the border. I speak English and Norwegian fluently, and Swedish, Danish, German, and French well enough to tell your grandparents where to stand for the family photos or to ask a local where we can find an epic view for your portraits!

We can’t tell you how absolutely appreciative we are of all of your help. You made this trip a million times easier and we can’t thank you enough. You made our day!”

Erica + Zac, Norway fjord elopement

Destination adventure wedding photography rocky mountain national park

How can I help you?

If you’re just looking for someone to take you to the top three photo-ops in Iceland that you’ve seen on Instagram, we’re probably not the best fit. There are plenty of photographers out there dreaming of getting to travel for work, so you can always find someone cheaper than me for your destination elopement photography.

But if you want to spend a week hiking from hut to hut in the Swiss Alps, or enjoy a lazy weekend at a private chateau on the French Riviera with your people, or cuddle up with your partner on a freezing cold night under the northern lights in Finland, and you happen to wanna get married at the same time?

And you have no idea how to start making this happen?

I might just be your person.

Destination Elopement Photography Locations

Check out full galleries from some of the most scenic locations I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to and photographing, from a scenic hike in the mountains of Germany, to a luxury villa on the French Riviera. I would love to return to any of these places to photograph your destination wedding!

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