Red Feather Lakes elopement

Joanna + Gary’s Red Feather Lakes Elopement

When I skyped with Joanna and Gary before they booked me for their Red Feather Lakes elopement, it felt like talking to old friends that I had known my whole life. They were calling me from their home in the United Kingdom, and having left my own home 4,000 miles behind to move to a new country, I could so relate to their international relationship.

I love asking my couples what’s most important to them about their wedding day, and which photos they want to look back on twenty years from now, because it’s such a great way to make sure we have the same priorities. When Joanna and Gary talked about their Red Feather Lakes elopement, their focus was on the feeling of being one with nature, having quality time with their immediate families, and not feeling rushed at all.

We decided on a relaxed timeline so they could get ready with their families at a log cabin, before heading out for a first look and portraits. Part of having a Red Feather Lakes elopement was about being surrounded by nature, and I love the locations we ended up finding for their photos. It was important for the couple to feel grounded and centered together before heading into the ceremony.

Many couples go with short vows and ceremonies when they elope, but Joanna and Gary had put together a beautiful full ceremony that they officiated themselves. They included some beautiful pieces of music, readings by their families, a handfasting inspired by their (and my!) favorite TV show Outlander, and heartfelt vows to each other. It really was the perfect ceremony for their Red Feather Lakes elopement.

If you are planning a Red Feather Lakes elopement, or want help planning an intimate cabin wedding somewhere else in Colorado, I would love to chat with you. Fill out my contact form, and let’s make it happen!

Your photography is true art and your skill shines through. I kept saying “I don’t remember Nina being there!” … how you managed to be in all the right spots at the right time to capture all those meaningful moments, looks and laughs I just don’t know!

At this point I think my words are going to fail. I’ve just looked at the photos again while they download and I am in awe! I’ve laughed out loud lots of times! And grinned to myself like an idiot! I believe art is what moves you… and your photos have and do that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I cannot wait to share them and frame them and look at them over and over for years to come! Such a special day and as a typical Brit might say ‘bloody brilliant’ photos! Once more…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

Joanna & Gary

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