1. Here is a question! If I set up a meeting type to complimentary phone consultation will Tave allow them to self schedule this or is scheduling connected to invoices only.

    1. They don’t have a built-in scheduling tool yet, but they just put out some major improvements on their Google Calendar integrations, and I think they’re working on a more direct option, too. For now, I send a Calendly link to schedule my calls, and then manually add the scheduled time into Táve.

  2. HI! Found you today, 4/16/2021 during a random google search. do you do tave set ups? i am looking for someone to set everything up for me. any recommendations? I’m @ubaraweddings.com @ubaraweddings on insta

    1. Hey! I don’t do Tave setups for others, as I just don’t have the time for it at this point. Thanks for asking though!

  3. Do you still use Tave today? Did you also have Shootproof, or do you use another gallery system? Tave/Shootproof have been very slow with updates compared to some of the other offerings, so I’m on the fence with if I should stay with them or move to something else. Pic-Time’s gallery and shop seem to be much richer than Shootproof, so I’m wondering if it would be easier to use for my clients.

    1. I do still use Táve and still love it! But I switched from ShootProof to Pic-Time before ShootProof bought Táve, and I don’t see myself switching back any time soon. I think Pic-Time looks better from the user end, I love the way they handle gallery uploads, and I’ve had much better success with passive income from print sales on Pic-Time than what I ever did on ShootProof. So you can totally use Táve with Pic-Time without having to switch CRMs 🙂

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