We are so thankful we chose Nina as our photographer for our elopement in Colorado!!

From the very beginning Nina was extremely professional, easy to talk to and provided us with so much guidance and research along the way. My husband and I had no idea where to start in our elopement planning journey but Nina made it extremely easy and guided us through each step from day one. When our elopement day came, we felt such ease and comfort working her with and trusted her experience, which took away any pressure or anxiety we could have experienced in our wedding day.

Her beautiful photos were just icing on the cake! Anyone that views Nina’s work knows her photos are stunning and she was able to capture the day in such a magical way, but having her guidance and expertise in the whole planning process is simply priceless.

Nina, thank you for being our elopement photographer and we hope we have the opportunity to work with you again for other life milestones!

Jackie & Nico

Nina was an absolutely joy to work with. She helped us with our timeline and kept us organized during our wedding day. Her easy and kind demeanor was so appreciated as she wrangled our families for photos. And of course, the photos themselves were unbelievable. Each photo captured our love and the day so perfectly.

Anna & Adam
Backcountry hut trip elopement in Colorado

Nina is incredible—and probably the only person up for the challenge of capturing our elopement. We came to her with a tall order: a far drive to the San Juan mountains…in the middle of winter…to a backcountry hut in avalanche terrain, only accessible with a backcountry ski set up—and she was immediately in!

Aside from incredible photography skills, which I feel is a given when you look at her work, she was a wonderful human to work with. From beginning to end, Nina was available and willing to give us thoughtful suggestions and resources to help shape our day—from florist recommendations, to ideas on how to perform our ceremony and write our vows—she really knows the ins and outs of elopements and how unique each one is.

We also really appreciated Nina’s flexibility and the work she did for ‘just in case’ scenarios—What if the mountain pass to our location is closed for weather? Don’t worry, Nina has already scouted out multiple alternative options. What if we have to change around our plan/schedule for the day? Not a problem, Nina is happy to go with the flow and adjust.

I literally could go on and on about how wonderful our experience working with Nina was. Just book her, you won’t regret it.

Kelsey & Josh

Nina was amazing! She made our entire elopement experience absolutely perfect! From picking the location to timing out the day to preparing for the hike itself, her recommendations were spot on! To top it all off, she took and provide the most spectacular pictures of our day! We will treasure these pictures and this experience for a lifetime! Thank you Nina!!

Alex & Calab

I’ve sat down many times to write this review, and I can’t find the words to accurately convert just how happy we are that we chose Nina as our elopement photographer.

Not only are our photos simply stunning, but she enhanced the day overall with her enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge of how we envisioned our elopement playing out. Even through last minute changes do to weather, she kept us so excited, and we felt that with her, we were ready for anything.

We found all of our other wonderful vendors through her recommendations, and each one played such a special part in our day. She was even kind enough to pick up a new veil for me in Boulder the morning of our elopement when I realized I had the wrong one.

There is truly no right or wrong way to elope, but if you don’t pick Nina to join you on your day, you’re missing out! She went above and beyond for us, and we will be forever grateful for her when we look back at the beautiful photos that so perfectly captured our elopement day.

Emily & Kendell
Black Cat Boulder micro-wedding venue

Nina is AMAZING! Not only did she capture our wedding day beautifully, she helped us find the perfect location, plan out our day, and ensured everything ran smoothly wind, rain, and shine! She is helpful, kind, organized, and made us feel comfortable and at ease from the start. We couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you, Nina!

Katie & Terry
Bride and groom laughing at their elopement in Crested Butte, Colorado

If you decide to work with Nina, getting an amazing photographer is just one perk of many. On top of being a highly experienced elopement photographer, she is also a true local who will guide your elopement day to success, even if you are not from Colorado!

We first discovered Nina when browsing the web for elopement photographers in Colorado. Throughout a flooded market of companies and photographers, Nina’s photos were, without a doubt, the most natural and beautiful. This led to us choosing her as our elopement photographer.

From start to finish, Nina worked closely with us to figure out the perfect location and plan for our day. She made sure that we had all of our ‘ducks in a row’ before the big day and instilled the utmost confidence in us. Consider her your photographer, but also your personal elopement coach! She is a true master in preparation which ultimately led to a stress-free elopement day that was filled with magic. Not to mention, her optimism and chill demeanor made her so much fun to be around.

If you decide to book Nina, you will not be disappointed, even if it rains on your wedding day!

Elyse & Alex

Nina is the best decision we made while planning our wedding. We wanted a simple yet memorable elopement wedding and that’s exactly what we got! She was super responsive, flexible, funny and incredibly easy to work with. She was there when needed her assistance even seconds before the big day! Nina is extremely organized and prepared to make your photos the best regardless of any weather! With our elopement, we knew that photos would be the one thing we would cherish forever and Nina made sure that they were perfect. Nina has amazing photography skills, each and every shot was beautiful! My husband and I cannot recommend Nina enough for your big adventure wedding!

Alex & Jose

I cannot recommend working with Nina highly enough for your big day. While Google may say “elopement photographer”, she is so much more than that! She helped with planning every step of the way and the day wouldn’t have been what it was without her (which was magical). Nina is incredibly thorough when trying to learn what your vision is for your wedding and then she selects several sites/hikes that fit your vision, the hardest part of it all was picking which one to go with because they were all so aligned with what we wanted. Her guide that she sends with vendor recommendations, elopement tips, etc. is so helpful and made the other parts of planning we had to do a breeze.

We recently got our full album back and we’re both just blown away looking at the photos Nina took. I’m so glad that we chose to elope in Colorado and that we had Nina there to capture those special moments. If you’re still reading this and you haven’t set up an introduction call with her yet then I’m not sure what you’re waiting for!!

Carley & Caleb
Boulder elopement at Lost Gulch

We had a great time working with Nina. She really understood how to work with a same-gender couple, everything from not assuming gender roles to just being chill and normal about it. We love our both our Boulder elopement photos–they are very natural and very us!

Jane & Annika

Ya’ll, Nina is the real deal! We had a FANTASTIC time with her at our elopement and she was a real rockstar when it came to helping us with our wedding logistics. From showing up early to capture a last-minute first look to picking up our flowers for us, Nina really did go above and beyond to help make our wedding day special. She helped us narrow down a few beautiful locations for our day and was super knowledgable about the area and vendors.

We originally chose her because of how absolutely stunning her photos are, because we really wanted an inclusive, queer-friendly photographer, and because we wanted someone who would have enough experience/knowledge to help us plan out all the details ahead of time. Nina was amazing with all of that! Her elopement guide helped us figure out what type of day we wanted and she was available to answer questions and to help in any way she could as we got all the details worked out.

We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible elopement photographer who can help with logistics and is just an all around great person.

Liz & Spencer

Nina was everything & more! I found her through Instagram and her bio immediately got me. “I’m liberal AF” I thought “Oh. I think I’ve found the one.” Filled out her questionnaire and when she asked about pronouns…It was a done deal. (None of the other photographers that I was looking at asked about pronouns)

You instantly feel comfortable with Nina. Shy in front of the camera? She gets you to breathe and be present in the moment. To be comfortable and to just have fun with it. Nina, thank you for giving my husband and I such wonderful captured moments. I look at them daily + can’t get enough !!!!

Shyloh & Kade

We really and truly cannot say enough good things about Nina. I’m about to write a lot of details about what we loved about her, but if you don’t have time to read it all, just hire her.

Nina was extremely knowledgeable about all things elopement, Colorado, hiking, and photography. My wife and I have lived in Colorado for almost five years, and Nina had a bunch of new information and consideration that we hadn’t thought of before. So if you live here, she’ll give you lots of useful tips. And if you’re not from Colorado, she will be a lifesaver.

Not only were her materials helpful in giving us a timeline, templates for itineraries, and lists of vendors, but she was very hands-on and answered our questions promptly and directly.

When it comes to working with Nina for the actual photography, she is extremely encouraging, supportive, and natural. It can be strange doing a photo shoot if you’ve never taken professional photos before, and Nina will gently guide you. Since we got to work with her twice (engagement/wedding), her guidance really made the second set of photos come to life. We felt very comfortable, and Nina is just a pleasant person to talk to.

We had Nina come out for 10 hours of our elopement, and as such we spent a lot of time with her. If you’re considering the same, you should know that she’s very pleasant, kind, and interesting. She is conversational when it’s appropriate, and she gave us space when we wanted to focus on one another. It really felt like we had a good friend along for the journey (she was also very good at dealing with our rambunctious dog).

I haven’t even really mentioned the best part, but her photos speak for themselves. We’ve never seen a better photographer, and we shopped around pretty extensively and looked at a lot of other peoples’ work. We are so thrilled with the way we look in our pictures, and Nina perfectly captured our special day. It wouldn’t have been so good without her.

If you want your Colorado elopement to be well planned, well executed, and well photographed, you absolutely must work with Nina.

Tyler & Sarah

Highly recommend! We chose Nina because of her beautiful portfolio of natural timeless photos and the fact she is super organized and knowledgeable. We really wanted a stress free and special-to-us kind of elopement. This for us was hiking to a beautiful summit (which she helped find!) at sunrise with our two pups to exchange our vows. Not only was Nina resourceful but she is kind and an enjoyable presence. She truly made our day special. We couldn’t be happier with how the whole experience went and the AMAZING photos she captured!!!

Gloria & sam

When we started our journey of looking for an elopement photographer in Colorado, we were in awe of Nina’s galleries. The way she captured the couples on their wedding day really stood out to us and was the vibe we wanted for our big day.

Our first meeting with Nina sealed the deal as she was easy to talk to and really got us excited for elopement day. Her attention to detail with her planning guide really helped planning an elopement from out of state a breeze. From vendor recommendations, to location scouting, and even marriage license details, we felt supported throughout the entire process.

Fast forward to our elopement day, we were nervous about being in front of the camera. However, when Nina arrived we were quickly put at ease as we felt like we were amongst friends. The entire day was carefree, fun, and exactly what we had envisioned. Nina blew us away with our sneak peeks. Now that we have our full gallery we proudly show them off to anyone and everyone and they are all amazed by her quality and creative eye.

If you are looking for an elopement photographer with a heart for adventure and who is truly passionate about her craft then Nina is the best pick!

Baylee & Cobin

We were so grateful for Nina’s help with our elopement from beginning to end. She is more than a photographer, but also a fantastic resource for locations, travel considerations, and vendor recommendations. You can tell that Nina loves what she does and this is truly her passion. Friends and family always comment about how perfect and beautiful our elopement was and Nina played a key role in making our wedding day everything we dreamed it would be. Thank you again Nina!

Jamie & Jenna

If you’ve looked at Nina’s website and still have not decided, well let me tell you. Nina was not only our photographer, she went above and beyond in helping us look for airbnb locations, recommendations on places to eat, the legal parts of eloping, and SO much more. She was such a positive influence on our wedding elopement and helped ease any stress we had about the process.

Nina is not just an elopement photographer that happens to hike, she is also a badass mom who loves to hike for fun so she knows all the best places and routes just in case there are change in plans during the winter months when weather can be quick changing! The actual hike up the mountain was tough (coming from two Floridians), but her positive demeanor and kept us both going even though there were strong wind gusts and freezing weather. It was all worth it though, because our photos turned out spectacular! I still cannot believe how beautiful our pictures look and how we will remember this journey forever!

Issy & Daniel

I could not be happier with our entire experience and how the pictures turned out. Nina went above and beyond, not only capturing the most gorgeous pictures, (in three locations!) but giving great recommendations for our Airbnb, a personal chef, makeup and hair artists, etc. She gave so many helpful tips for how to elope in the mountains in the winter. She really worked with us to make sure the location and the day were exactly how we wanted. I couldn’t believe how much time she put in in advance of the day to make sure we were getting everything we wanted. The pictures were stunning and she got them to us quickly. Choosing Nina as my wedding photographer was my best wedding planning decision.

Megan & Frank

Nina was the first part of our planning that we set in stone. Being from Iowa and not knowing Colorado we didn’t have a single clue where to start. She sent us a questionnaire to help her understand what we needed to make this the perfect day. Ultimately we decided on “Devils Thumb Ranch” and not only was it perfect for the horseback elopement we wanted, but it was fun the whole week we were there!!

We were worried that it would feel uncomfortable having a stranger follow us around. Not Nina. From the moment she arrived we felt like we were hanging with an old friend. The best words I have are – she was super cool, definitely the type of person you want to be around even outside of this. It was never awkward and we could feel how much she enjoyed not only her work but being at our elopement.

Nina does not photo shop nor manipulate the pictures in any way (I was kind of nervous about this lol) I’ll tell you right now a truly talented photographer doesn’t need to. When we opened up our gallery we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY. From the first picture to the last we felt like we got to relive the day all over again and it was absolutely wonderful!!

Okay guys stop looking at this review and hire her already, I promise you will not regret it. My words could never do her justice.

Kara & Amanda
Loveland Pass elopement

Nina is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL. She is down to earth, personable, responsive, hardworking and exceed our every expectation. She is so easy to work with and does everything in her power to make your day easy and perfect. Nina is the definition of “going the extra mile.” She sent us the most detailed list of location spots based on the surgery we filled out and though that seems so simple, it meant everything to us. We aren’t from the area so this meant so much to us!! I couldn’t recommend or thank her more for everything she did through the wedding planning, answering my 500 emails full of questions and capturing our day PERFECTLY.

Megan & Brandon

Nina is absolutely incredible and we couldn’t recommend her more!

When eloping, your photographer may be one of the only people along for your journey and finding someone you don’t mind sharing your day with is essential. After our initial meet and greet, we were confident Nina was the right fit for us.

She exceeded our expectations at every turn. She gave us recommendations and insights we could have only gotten from someone with her local and elopement expertise. Restaurants, activities, places to stay, weatherizing our vehicle, obtaining our marriage license, how many layers we needed to keep the kids warm, what do we do about the updated weather forecast and 30 degree temperature drop—you name it, she had advice. The real treat was the day of. We eloped with two young kids and that required a lot of patience. Nina got the kids to cooperate, encouraged them to be themselves, worked around the inevitable meltdowns, and she even helped them zip their jackets and dust off snow. As a parent, it was important that the kiddos felt like it was their day too, and Nina certainly made that happen. We finished the day feeling like she truly added to our experience and that our elopement memories were better because of her presence.

Oh, and of course the photos were beautiful!

Christie & Sanea

Nina was incredible! She’s an amazing photographer and we love our photos, but she also made planning our elopement straightforward and simple. She gave us great recommendations for vendors (which we were initially nervous about since we eloped in a remote location), smart advice when planning our itinerary, and even picked up our cake and flowers for us on the day of the elopement. We would absolutely choose to work with her again.

Samantha & Emily

We cannot recommend Nina highly enough!! I always thought that claims that ‘my wedding day was the best day of my life’ were perhaps a little exaggerated, a cliche. Until we met Nina! Our elopement really was the best day of our lives and it honestly felt like a fairytale, and that is 100% whole-heartedly down to Nina.

Not only is she (obviously) an incredibly talented photographer, but she is very friendly, approachable, flexible, creative and dedicated. We chose Nina as our photographer because her relaxed and open approach immediately put us at ease and motivated us, she made us feel very listened to and extremely supported. We honestly weren’t sure where to begin with the elopement process and Nina was like an amazing one-stop shop of everything that we needed. We felt so safe straight away in her hands.

She was so flexible and accommodating both in the planning stage and the actual day itself when the bride was running behind. Nina kept us on track with timings throughout the planning process and on the day without ever making us feel rushed. She really went above and beyond. She took care of all the permits required, and had even packed a jacket for the bride to borrow, and spikes to put on our hiking boots for the snowy terrain. Nina was happy to include our fiesty cat Acorn, and provided us with jaw-dropping ‘sneak peek’ photos the next day!! If you are looking for someone to help you make your dream day come true, look no further.

Annie & Braden

If you use a photographer other than Nina, you are making a huge mistake! Nina was amazing!! She coached us through planning our mini-wedding, hiking plans and even just how to prepare our families for our trip to Colorado. She captured our day beautifully, beyond my wildest expectations. Choosing Nina as our photographer was the best decision we made as a couple about our wedding!! Thank you Nina!!!!!

Kailee & Matt

When my husband and I were entertaining the idea of a snowy, winter elopement in Colorado, we came across Nina’s photos and immediately fell in love with her beautiful photos. Since it was her photos that really sold us on the idea of the winter elopement, we were thrilled that she was available.

We met with a few photographers, but we really liked Nina’s overall approach to making the day a fun adventure as opposed to a tightly scheduled ordeal. Nina was very helpful in planning out elopement, especially because we are out of state. The best part was that she knows all the special locations that are off the beaten path and away from the crowds. She helped us put together our timeline complete with drive times and GPS locations. She also had helpful tips for dealing with the snow and cold since we are from North Carolina and rarely see freezing weather.

The day of was absolutely perfect. Nina was very easy to talk to despite just meeting. No awkwardness at all. She was such a trooper photographing us skiing in 7 degree weather! The pictures are absolute perfection! Our friends and family say they look like they belong in a magazine and we agree! The photos captured the way the day unfolded and somehow capture the emotion of the day. Every time I looks at them I’m transported back to that beautiful day.

Allyson & Christian

Nina has perfected her craft! We chose our wedding day based on Nina’s availability knowing we wanted her to capture our special day. She exceeded our expectations in every way possible. She made getting our pictures taken feel effortless and natural, and I knew I did not have to worry if she was capturing the moments/pictures we wanted.

It was important to me to have both an elopement and micro wedding feel. Nina helped make this happen and picked the most beautiful location to have our mountain photos taken. The time we had together before the ceremony was incredibly beautiful and special and is something we will cherish forever. We also have her to thank for finding our wedding venue and recommending some incredible hikes for the rest of our trip!

If you have stumbled upon this review look no further, because Nina is the best of the best and you will be over the moon that you picked her

Alisha & Josh

Nina is the BEST! My husband and I could not be happier that we chose her as our wedding photographer. She was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. When we first started planning we used some of her guides and resources for clients on her website and that’s how we found and picked our reception venue. She helped us with our timeline and planning logistics which just made everything so easy. Anytime I emailed her with a question she responded right away.

We were originally supposed to get married in May of 2020 but had to postpone due to covid and she was so flexible and made it really easy to change our date with her. She also made sure to get to know us and what were were looking for from our photos before the big day. She is just such a sweet person to be around which made us feel comfortable and really showed in the photos. Everything about working with her was perfect. She even got our photos done early and we absolutely love all the beautiful moments she captured. I can’t wait to order prints and have these photos on our walls to cherish.

Caroline & Jim