Wedding Dresses for Hiking Elopements

May 10, 2018 | Resources

One thing I get asked a lot by my brides is how to find the best wedding dresses for hiking elopements. Choosing to elope in the mountains brings the focus of the day back to the couple and their love for each other, and what better way to start your life as a married couple than going on an adventure together?

But in order to make your Colorado hiking elopement a true adventure, the last thing you want is to be worrying about catching a delicate lace train on cacti, or carrying the weight of a heavy sequin gown in your backpack on your way up a fourteener. The perfect wedding dresses for hiking elopements are lighter weight, easy to put on without crotchet hooks and a team of bridesmaids to help, and – speaking as an elopement photographer – has a skirt that will blow in the wind!

For many couples, planning a hiking elopement is a way to cut down on all the extravagant expenses that go hand in hand with big weddings. Often times, the dress will be the biggest expense asides from your elopement photographer. I know I personally would have a hard time letting loose and running through fields of wildflowers if I was worried about “ruining” a $5,000 gown. (Heck, my own elopement dress was $60 from the mall, so maybe don’t use me as an example here.)

I’ve put together some of my favorite affordable wedding dresses for hiking elopements, that are all available online. And the best part is, these dresses are all under $1,099!

Some key things to look for when shopping for a comfortable dress are 1) no corset, 2) no excessive train (or a train that can be bundled), and 3) a skirt that will blow in the wind. Okay the last one has nothing to do with comfort, and everything to do with getting epic photos 😉

BHLDN Weddings

BHLDN (pronounced ‘beholden’) is Anthropologie’s wedding brand, and makes some of my very favorite wedding dresses for hiking elopements – and for any other weddings, really! I’ve picked out four gorgeous and affordable dresses, but they also have incredible gowns and bridal separates if you’re looking to splurge a bit more. 

Octavia Gown

Price: $975 | Product link

Dreams of You Gown

Price: $750 | Product link

Heritage Gown

Price: $975 | Product link

Be True Gown

Price: $1095 | Product link

Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Spell & The Gypsy Collective is an Australian brand that specializes in boho bridal gowns and wedding dresses. With light, breezy fabrics, these are the perfect dresses for hiking elopements, as you won’t be weighed down by heavy or layered fabrics or tight-fitting corsets.

Lucette Gown

Price: $895 | Product link

Amelie Gown

Price: $755 | Product link

Casablanca Gown

Price: $755 | Product link


Reclamation is one of my absolute favorite wedding dress designers. Every single dress is one of a kind, and made with reclaimed and vintage materials like lace curtains and table cloths. And you’d never know it looking at them – they look like very expensive pieces of couture. I photographed one of their dresses in Ireland this year, and I just love the way it moved – and the off-white color!

Fame and Partners

Fame and Partners is a Los Angeles based company that makes all its clothes to order! You can customize the length, size, and fit of your dress, and all of their clothing is handmade. I love their company motto of “Custom clothing, made to order. No mass production. Less waste.” That’s definitely something my earth-conscious Colorado brides can get behind!

The Deneuve

Price: $599 | Product link

The Fitzgerald

Price: $1,099 | Product link

The Sirene

Price: $699 | Product link

Grace loves lace

Grace Loves Lace is an Australia company that specializes in effortless, luxurious and timelessly sophisticated wedding gowns handmade from the finest European laces and silks. Their dresses are all hand-made in their studio in Australia, and since they’re an online only store, their dresses are really affordable!


Price: $1,630 | Product link

Verdelle 2.0

Price: $1,350 | Product link


Price: $650 | Product link


Asos is one of the most affordable options you can find for wedding dresses – but please leave a comment if you know of others! While ordering from a huge fast-fashion company can feel intimidating, they do offer free returns, so you can always order multiple styles or sizes and return what you don’t like. (Note that because Asos trends change quickly, styles often go out of stock.)


Lulus is another very cheap place to look for wedding dresses. Unlike most women’s clothing stores, they don’t charge extra for a dress just because it’s white 😉 

And lastly, remember that the best wedding dresses for hiking elopements are the ones YOU love. There’s nothing saying that you can’t wander through frozen fields in a custom Vera Wang gown, like Christen did at Devil’s Thumb Ranch last year. You do you!

If you know of other companies that make affordable wedding gowns, leave a comment so I can check them out!