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Why I Shoot Film

as a film + digital wedding photographer

2023 was the year when I finally went back to shooting film—twenty years after I’d shot what I thought was my last roll of film and “upgraded” to my first digital camera, and ten years after I started my photography business.

And I’m guessing that your reasons for loving film photos look a lot like my reasons for shooting them.

The limited number of photos available on a roll force me to slow down and be intentional with every photo, carefully getting my composition and exposure just right. The dreamy, muted colors can never quite be replicated when editing digital files, no matter how long I spend in Lightroom. And there’s just a feel to film that is hard to put your finger on, but you know immediately when you see it.

Film is nostalgia

When I think back on my own childhood, I see the photos in my mind first—then remember the memories attached to them.

My parents always carried a camera whether we were hiking or cross-country skiing or making a campfire in the woods behind our house. As a child, I was obsessed with looking through our family photos, and we would often gather around a clunky old projector screen to watch the slides that my dad kept meticulously organized.

And as much as I love the convenience of always having a camera ready in my pocket, there is no cell phone that can replace the nostalgia that looking through film photos brings.

Elopements and Weddings on 35mm Film

Polaroid Wedding Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

I shoot on a Nikon F3, an Olympus OM-1, and a Fujifilm instax mini Evo. Most of the photos on this page are shot on the Olympus, but I’m super excited to use my new Nikon more at my upcoming elopements.

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of film stocks, but most of what you see on this page are shot on Portra 160, Portra 400, and Kodak Gold 200.

At this time, I’m including film photography in all my collections at no extra cost to you. I’m still learning and experimenting, and I love getting to be creative with film without the pressure of producing a specific number of photos.

For an adventure session, yes! For weddings and elopements, no. Having to change rolls for every 36 photos taken is too much of an interruption into the flow of the day for me to be comfortable shooting only film, and I much prefer having my digital cameras to quickly capture important moments without missing a thing.

It really depends on too many conditions, from how much time we have together to how the film is developed, for me to guarantee a certain number of film photos. But I always shoot at least one roll of film at each wedding, and if you’re excited about film I will make every effort to take as many film photos as I can for you.

Yes! I always shoot a handful of Polaroids throughout the day, and I will leave you with your own printed copies of them at the end of the day. Because my camera also saves every photo taken, I will include digital versions of the Polaroids in your final gallery. If you’re super stoked about Polaroids, let me know and I’ll make sure to take lots!

Your scanned film photos will be included in your final gallery, which you’ll receive within six weeks after your wedding.

Ready to connect?

If you want film photos to remember your wedding day by, I’d love to chat more about how I can help you capture the day. Reach out to schedule a free video consultation, and let’s make it happen!