Get To Know Me

Photo by Brian Goff | Sarah Goff Photography

About Nina

I was born and raised on an island in Norway, which explains both my accent and my viking tendencies to jump into cold water any chance I get. I moved to Boulder solo in 2010 on a whim, having never even visited the U.S. before, and I fell in love the second I crested the final hill on 36. That spring I met Justin for a happy hour date at the Rio, and I like to think it was love at first margarita. It didn’t take long before Colorado felt like home, and I’m still helplessly in love (with both Justin and Boulder) seven years later!

After five years as an events and studio photographer, I knew it was time to get outside. I was spending more and more time in the dark shooting and editing, and I felt disconnected from the state I fell in love with. I wanted more fresh air, more sunshine, more laughs and more bonding on trails. Now I specialize in outdoor weddings, elopements, engagements, and couples sessions, which means I get to work with people like you in this playground we call home.

Working With Nina

If you’re looking for a photographer who will take you to the same spot as every other client, then tell you exactly where to sit, stand, and look for an hour, this is not meant to be. If you are looking for the cheapest photographer around, you might not value the attention I put into every session. And that’s cool, you should find a photographer that fits your needs.

I want to connect with my clients over a shared love of the outdoors. I want to get to know you the way you are while exploring a new trail with your partner, not when you’ve been stuck in traffic on your way home from work and are trying to squeeze in a photo session before running off on your next errand. I want to tell your unique story through your photos, whether that’s the story of how you hike Sanitas with your husband every Sunday morning, or how your first date was getting tacos from a food truck at Rayback. Because I care deeply about getting to know my clients, I would love to buy you brunch before you book so we can make sure it’s a good match for both of us.

With my husband Justin. (Photo by Chowen Photography)

Fun Facts

I learned to kayak in the Atlantic while I was still in middle school. I speak 3.5 languages: Norwegian, English, German, and I’m currently learning French so that I can fluently order my own pastries the next time I visit France. I dream of throwing away my iPhone and living off-the-grid in the mountains, but I’m also addicted to Instagram. I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo. I’ve slept in an igloo that I built myself. I once spent the day in a hot tub in the A-Basin parking lot. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal and never get tired. I was an English Literature major at CU Boulder, and love Hemingway and the Hunger Games equally.

Now let me buy you brunch so you can share some fun facts of your own!