About Nina

Hey there!

I’m Nina Larsen Reed

Nine years ago, I bought a one-way ticket from Norway to Colorado, packed my suitcase and my camera, and headed out on what’s turned into a bigger adventure than I ever could have imagined. Instead of spending a year in Boulder before returning to the small island I grew up on, I fell in love. I fell in love with the boundless blue skies, the Rocky Mountain hiking trails, and with a snowboarder named Justin. And I still fall deeper in love with Colorado, with my husband, and with my job as a wedding photographer every day.

I’ve been hiking and exploring my way around the mile high state in my Subaru for nine years now, but my greatest adventure has been sharing my love for this playground we call home with other outdoor lovers. From helping out-of-state couples plan the perfect hiking elopement in the Colorado mountains to capturing local couples exchanging their vows at their favorite brewery, I could not possibly love my job more.

Fun Fact #1

I read the first HP book at eleven, have dressed up in my Ravenclaw uniform for more than one movie premiere, and named our cats Luna and Lily.

Fun Fact #2

I love backpacking, but really hate sleeping in tents. Too much listening for bears, not enough cuddling with my cats.

Fun Fact #3

I used to cross-country ski to school. It doesn’t get much more Norwegian than that. Now I only ski for hut trips and backcountry adventures!

Fun Fact #4

The first photo that was taken of Justin and me together after we started dating was in a hot tub on the “beach” at A-Basin.

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