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Hey you! I’m Nina, and I specialize in Colorado outdoor adventure wedding photography, including adventurous engagements, elopements and weddings for outdoor lovers. I get really excited about summit sunrises, deep snow, craft cider, swimming in alpine lakes, long brunches, and longer hikes. Most days I live the standard modern life, binge-watching shows on Netflix while editing photos (with my catsistants curled up next to me or sometimes on top of me), and greeting my husband Justin over the top of my computer screen when he gets home from work.

But the moments I live for, the moments I remember, are the moments when I get outside in nature.

Huddling together with Justin in our tent while the rain pours down outside, summiting a new mountain with a badass group of women (and taking all the selfies at the top), sneaking a couple away from their wedding reception for a quiet moment in the woods at sunset, wading into the freezing cold water of Sky Pond while trying not to scream as to scare off the women coming in after me, dozing off in my hammock surrounded by the smell of warm pine forest, exploring a new trail with a couple who are so in love that I can’t help but smile, sitting with my back against a tree trunk and the sun on my face, eating chocolate and feeling alive.

Those moments are why I’m here, why I love my life in Boulder, and why I specialize in Colorado outdoor adventure wedding photography.

These days everyone wants adventurous engagement and wedding photos, and yet so many of these photos are taken a three minute walk from the trailhead parking lot, by the side of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, or with a crowd of partying college students watching you pose at Lost Gulch in Boulder. That’s not adventure to me.

My very favorite people to work with are the people willing to put in the work. Let’s get up at 3am to summit a mountain for an epic sunrise elopement, drive up a sketchy dirt road to get off the beaten path (it’s why I drive a Subie, after all) so that you can have engagement photos in a truly unique location, or snowshoe for miles to your favorite backcountry cabin before warming up with whiskey and a wood fire. Bring your unique selves to your photos, whether you met your partner in the line for the ski lift at Winter Park, or you took up rock climbing together and now spend your weekends climbing and car-camping with your dog. These are the experiences that will let you connect with your partner, away from cell signal and work calls and social media feeds, where you can be yourselves and grow together as a couple, where you can remember what made you fall in love and got you to this place.

That is true adventure photography to me.

And because I think it’s important to make this very clear, I welcome working with outdoor lovers of all ethnicities, religions, genders, and orientations. LOVE IS LOVE!

We are beyond thrilled and thankful we found Nina to capture our hot air balloon elopement! She made this process so easy and simple, and was a great guide to help us choose beautiful locations in Rocky Mountain National Park for our portraits. We are thoroughly impressed with our entire experience with Nina and our pictures turned out AMAZING!! I cannot say enough good things about how beautiful they all turned out. Thank you so much Nina! You made our day extra special and we really can’t thank you enough.

Liz + Bo

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