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Mentoring with Nina

You might be asking yourself “who the heck is this chick, and why would I want to learn from her?” And I get it. I’m not Insta-famous, I haven’t won a Rangefinder award, and I started my wedding photography business less than two years ago.

But I have grown my business very quickly. I booked 33 weddings and had a six figure revenue in my first full year. I went from booking my first $750 Craigslist wedding to booking a $5000 elopement in sixteen months. I booked a destination wedding in Norway less than a year after I shot my first couple session. I once made $14,750 off a $50 Facebook ad. I show up on the front page of Google for multiple competitive search terms. I’ve booked 25k worth of work from Instagram – with less than 2k followers. And I’ve received 30+ 5-star reviews – without bribing a single client 😉

Yet more importantly than any of those numbers: I LOVE my job and my clients. I am excited about every single couple that I work with. I get to shoot exactly the kinds of weddings that I love, with adventurous couples in beautiful places. I don’t spend long evenings editing, I don’t freak out about all the things on my to do list, and I take plenty of time off to go hiking, travel the world, or snuggle with my cats.

If you want to learn how you can get these kinds of results while creating a life and job that you love, we should talk.

What Can I Do For You?

I know paying for mentoring can feel scary. The first time I dropped $600 on photography education, I was SO worried that I had just been duped … but what I learned from that course turned into 15k worth of business within two months.

I want those results for you too.

One of my first mentoring clients told me that she had paid for mentoring from other photographers in the past, and felt like she had wasted her money because she didn’t walk away with anything specific she could start using right away. (She now has a 10 page website + SEO action plan to work on!) Mentoring often turns into “ask me anything” sessions, but unless you know the right questions to ask, you might find yourself paying hundreds of dollars to hear how one photographer made it, without getting specifics for how you can make it too.

I want every photographer I work with to walk away with more than just vague ideas like “I guess I should start blogging” or “I need to figure out who my ideal clients are.” Let’s dig deep and put together an action plan, whether it’s a four week plan to come up with every email template you could possibly need in your business and automating those emails to save you hours for every client, or a six month plan to start getting bookings from Google searches.

Yes, there will be homework. Yes, you’ll have to invest time and effort to do all the things. Yes, I will be checking in on you and making sure you’re doing the work. And yes, if you do the damn thing, you will see results.


Website Review

Wondering how you can improve your website to better show up in search results, and get your ideal clients to contact you once they land there? With a website review, I’ll create a personalized action plan for your website, help you understand what you need to change and why, and follow up with you to hold you accountable!

A website review includes:

* Full review of your website and SEO
* 2 hour video chat to go over your action plan
* 10+ page document with detailed action steps / homework for you
* Three 30-minute video chats for follow-up and accountability, scheduled 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months after the first video chat



Potential Mentoring Topics

How the heck do I get started?
Building a portfolio – while getting paid for it!
Booking your first weddings
Pricing strategies (aka how to make more $$$)
Facebook ads that attract your ideal clients
Workflows for less stress and more free time
Vendor relationships and getting on those preferred vendor lists!
Pinterest as a source of leads
Blogging for SEO
Optimizing your website for SEO
Optimizing your website for your ideal client
Creating a marketing plan that’s tailored to you

And so much more!

Single Session

One 2-hour session, in person at my home in Boulder or online via video chat. You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire before the session, so that I can put together an action plan for you!



Two Sessions

Two 2-hour sessions, in person at my home in Boulder or online via video chat.  You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire before the session, so that I can put together an action plan for you!



Portfolio Shoot

Looking to build your portfolio with adventurous photos? I’ll plan a shoot in the style you want, coach you through shooting and posing techniques, get some behind the scenes shots of you in action, and do a 1 hour editing session with you afterwards!

Starting at $500


Let’s do this thing!

I have paid for mentoring sessions from other photographers in the past, and some have been too much information crammed into a short period of time, while others didn’t help me at all. Nina took time to thoroughly review my website before our video chat, and we talked about any questions that I had, but the best part is that I got homework! It was written out, and I checked off things down the list. It has streamlined my workflow and taken it down to bite sized portions that are easy to maintain. I’d recommend her mentoring to anyone looking to improve their business!

Melissa Gordon

Salty Spruce Studio

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