Uphill skiing anniversary session at Breckenridge Ski Resort

Kylie + Kyle’s Uphill Skiing Session at Breckenridge

I photographed Kylie and Kyle’s elopement back in 2022, and since then we’ve made it a bit of a tradition to meet up for freezing cold anniversary photos every winter. In 2023 we went downhill skiing at Cooper, so naturally we had to step it up again this year and go uphill at Breckenridge. I love how uphill skiing allows you to hit the resorts before (or after) the lifts are running, so we can have the slopes entirely to ourselves! Now the added work of skinning up might be more than most people want to do (especially for photos!), but I can’t think of a better way to start our day together. Kylie and Kyle, y’all are relationship goals, and I love how you’re always down for any adventure I have in mind!

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