1. Good Morning, hope you can give me some help and or advice. We are wanting to come to Colorado the last week of December, and while there we plan on getting married. No other guests will be with us except a close friend who will officiate the nuptials. My dream is to find lodging (not hotels) with full views of the Rockies snowy mountains, hot tubs and fire places in the room, pure relaxing atmosphere.
    We want to take a Horse drawn sleigh ride into the mountains until we find the perfect picturesque location, stop and get married. Hoping to find a photographer that will be willing to adventure along, taking candid pictures, maybe have some good insight in the most picturesque areas.
    I have become overwhelmed trying to find this dream. It seems where we were first looking, there is not that much snow in December (if I’m going to go where it is cold, I want a lot of snow) and, or Outfitters are closed till may and Photographers in that area do not work in December for what we are looking. Therefore we’ve moved our location search more to Breckinridge or surrounding area. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Kathi! What you’re describing is absolutely possible, and I think you’re on the right track with the Breckenridge area since that’s where sleigh rides usually open first for the season. I’m not available in December though, and I’m unfortunately not able to offer personalized planning help to couples I’m not directly working with as it’s a time-consuming process. I recommend contacting photographers local to the Breckenridge area until you find someone who’s available and can help you!

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